Springfield zoo offering free admission to say goodbye to Jari

(Provided Photo/Springfield Park District) (Provided Photo/Springfield Park District)

SPRINGFIELD – The Springfield Park District is saying goodbye to two beloved Lar Gibbons.

Kimmy a white-handed gibbon died recently, leaving behind young Jari.

Kimmy came to the zoo in 1995. She was almost 41 when she passed.

In 2014, Kimmy became Jari’s surrogate mother, after she was abandoned by her mother at the Jackson, MS Zoo. She was cared for by zoo staff before being moved to Henderson Robinson Zoo. Kimmy and Jari bonded together and zoo goers came to love seeing the pair together.

Jari will be moved to a new home at the Santa Barbara zoo in California.

“Jari will not be mature enough for three to four more years to find a male companion and with the passing of Kimmy we find ourselves needing to do what is best Jari and her future,” said Interim Director Marikay Altes.

To celebrate Jari and Kimmy the zoo will host a free day on Saturday from 1 – 4:30 p.m. For more information, click here.

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