Mending America: Easing Racial Tensions


CENTRAL ILLINOIS- The topic of race comes up on social media, in the news, in a political campaign, and many other instances. But, it seems with all the talking about 'it", America is becoming more divided by avoiding the tough conversations. 

Professor Hazel Rozema at UIS says, "Only after Ferguson and New York and Baltimore and Charleston, South Carolina, white people are like 'ohhh,' and black people are like, 'we tried to tell you.'" 

Reaching understanding on both sides is difficult due to the history associated with race and racial tensions.

President of the Greater Decatur Black Chamber of Commerce, Tamarra Fuller says, "And for African Americans, it's like we've been trying to have these conversations but most of the time we are told, 'well, it's not that bad, you're exaggerating,' but its really not. It really is a problem, and it's a problem we need to discuss and talk about."

Only through conversation can White and African American tensions begin to be challenged and broken down.

According to Professor Rozema who adds, "If you do a DNA test, you find out that there is no pure race that race is a social construct, not a biological construct and so most of us are already multiracial."

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