Durbin breaks silence on Trump's travel ban


WASHINGTON - Senator Dick Durbin has broken his silence about the leaked Department of Homeland Security memos.

Durbin is calling on the judiciary subcommittee on immigration to hold hearings on homeland security implementing President Trump's controversial travel ban.

He went on to say "we need an immediate public examination in congress of these heavy handed, anti-family policies."

Below is his full statement:

"These guidelines are now the official policy of the Trump Administration, implementing the President's mass deportation Executive Orders. I have called on my counterpart on the Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Chairman John Cornyn, to hold hearings on these orders—we need an immediate public examination in Congress of these heavy-handed, anti-family policies. The Senate should also pass the bill I’ve sponsored to repeal the mass deportation order. The Republican-controlled Congress has an urgent responsibility to do its constitutional duty and act as an independent check on President Trump.”

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