Urbana's democratic primary to take place tomorrow

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Urbana's mayoral race for the Democratic party is tomorrow. Three candidates will be on the ballot, including Urbana's current Mayor Laurel Prussing, along with Diane Marlin and Evelyn Burnett Underwood.

Polls will be open from 6am to 7pm.

"Their normal voting place, if  you live in the city of Urbana, will be your voting location tomorrow. We will close the polls at 7 o'clock pm. The election judges will return the materials and voting ballots here to us. We'll complete the results and release the results both on our website and in person here tomorrow night," explains Gordy Hulten, the Champaign County Clerk.

Hulten says the election will take place only in the 23 precincts in the city of Urbana.

The democratic primary winner will be up against Republican candidate Rex Bradfield in the April election.

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