Hilton could help Landmark Hotel shine again


URBANA – Hilton and the historic Landmark Hotel are in talks to bring life back into the 94-year-old hotel.

Urbana Mayor Laurel Prussing announced the proposed deal between Urbana’s Landmark Hotel and Hilton’s newly launched Tapestry Collection brand on Monday.

The new brand launched in January and its goal is to have unique hotels for visitors. Tapestry announced eight locations at their launch with 35 other deals in the works. One of those deals was the Landmark Hotel.

Hotel developer, Dionis Rodriquez said he is excited to work with Tapestry Collection. Rodriques has proposed $20 million in renovations to the hotel in order to bring it back to “top-of-market” standards. His plan is to fully reactivate all 128 rooms and reopen the restaurant, bar, conference center and dining hall.

The development agreement is in the works and is expected to be presented to the City Council for approval in late March.

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