Change Of Seasons: Winter To Construction Season


Decatur – Winter ended Sunday and the next season in Illinois is construction season.  The city of Decatur has resources available even though many communities are struggling to come up with cash to fix streets and roadways. 

“We’re one of the few communities that are actually having a local road program because we’re all facing financial constraints,” City of Decatur spokesman Billy Tyus told WAND’s Doug Wolfe.  “Upwards of a million dollars last year.  We’re going to do significantly more than that this year.”

One of the biggest projects will use state motor fuel tax funds. 

“We’re going to be making repairs to Mound Road from Woodford to (Route) 48,” Tyus said.  “If you look at Mound Road there’s been a significant amount of work being done out there the past couple of years.”

Repairs are also expected to help maintain traffic lights in the city.  Decatur will also be ramping up its multi-year effort to improve aging neighborhood streets.

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