Local church establishes neighborhood watch to stop vandalism


DECATUR - Cornerstone baptist church has been located at 984 West King street for five years. 

"That was the first sign when they found the pair of dice really though," says Tyrone Oldham the pastor of Cornerstone baptist church. 

The church has been dealing with vandalism issues. 

While police have been supportive the church decided to take matters into their own hands, by installing security cameras to sending a message to vandals.

"We've been here about five years and I thought oh, we don't need security cameras. But, since this stuff has been happening we just invested in them, " added pastor Oldham. 

However, the security cameras are only part of the church's precautions.

"It's a matter of togetherness, coming together and banning together and having regular meetings saying we are watching for you and you're watching for us," says pastor Oldham explaining the neighborhood watch.  

Tyrone hopes that by bringing the community together for a neighborhood watch, they can address the problem, rather than ignore it.

"My goal has always been to stay in the location where it seemed to be rough seemed to be troubled," says pastor Oldham.  "Not to move away from the trouble but to be right where the trouble is. Hopefully I can be a light and be a beacon. Hopefully I will be able to make a difference in the community."

Hoping his message will create a positive change. 

"I'm not mad at them," stated pastor Oldham. " Young people will be young people but, I would like to talk with them and see where their mind is at and point them one way the only way I know."

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