Lawsuit claims deal keeping Clinton power plant open is illegal


CLINTON, Ill. (WAND) - A lawsuit has been filed by a group of power suppliers saying that a deal reached to keep the Clinton nuclear power plant open is illegal. 

The lawsuit says the Zero Emissions Credits(ZEC) and the Future Energy Jobs Act(FEJA) aim to reverse wholesale energy markets. It’s also said that this new law would hurt the consumers, increasing their prices of electricity. 

According to the new law, that is expected to take effect in June, Exelon would get needed funding to keep the Clinton plant and the nuclear plant in the Quad Cities open. 

The Electric Power Supply Association that filed the lawsuit said that Exelon stated that it had already recognized anticipated Illinois ZEC revenue in its financial statements. Showing that Exelon would be the so-called winner of the ZEC deal, while Clinton and Quad Cities would receive a higher level of whole sale market compensation than out-of-state generators. 

Just last year the Supreme Court struck down a program that was comparable to the FEJA. 

Exelon said the legislation would provide the company with subsidized power prices to help the company break even on the Clinton plant.  Exelon has stated it has lost $450 million on the Clinton plant over the last seven years.

Read the full lawsuit below: 

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