Lincoln Square Theatre closing its doors

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Decatur, Ill. (WAND) - The Lincoln Square Theatre in Downtown Decatur has closed its doors.

The Lincoln Square Theater staff say they are closed but don't plan for it be a permanent thing. They say they are using this time to regroup and come up with new ideas.

The theater just celebrated it's 100th year in Decatur. The theater opened in 1916 drawing big acts like Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Davy Jones and Alabama.

In February, WAND News did a special on the charm and background of the historic building, to see it click here.

In March, members of the theater’s board created a GoFundMe campaign in order to raise the $12,000 needed to cover the cost of repairs. They were hoping to resurface the leaking lobby roof, repair the ceiling damaged by the leak and replace needed parts in the lobby’s air-handling system.

Former theater board president Adam White told WAND News in March, "Watching people walk through here every day, everyone has a memory of this place. Us on the board want to make sure we keep that alive and keep those memories going,”

White tells WAND News he hasn't been with the theater for months.

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