More grandparents stepping up to raise grandchildren

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Decatur, Ill. (WAND) - More and More grandparents are taking charge and raising their grandchildren.  Child care workers say addiction is one of the big reasons grandparents are thrust into this role.

WAND sat down with Annette Crutchfield, who recently adopted her granddaughter Marina. 

"I adopted her Oct. 6 and I turned 59 on Oct.16." says Crutchfield. 

Annette Crutchfield says her daughter struggles with drug addiction.  She called for a welfare check when Marina was just 10-months-old. 

"They didn't like what they seen" says Crutchfield.

Crutchfield has had custody of Marina ever since.

Case worker for Webster Cantrell Hall, Monique Howell says "I mean you have to think about it, these are grandparents, they may be retired, they've lived their life and they've raised their kids and they're starting over." 

Webster Cantrell Hall and other Children and Family Service agencies in the state are there to help. 

According tot he 2010 US Census, nearly five million children live in a household where grandparents are in a household.  2.7 Million are being raised solely by their grandparents and that's up drastically since 2000.

If you need help you can call Webster Cantrell at 423-6961 extension 2145 or click here.

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