Senate revives Grand Bargain

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND)- The Senate revived the Grand Bargain Wednesday evening, only to have it stop in its tracks yet again. 

President John Cullerton tired of the delays in the process, called SB10, a bill that allows home rule municipalities to create special funds to help them get lower interest rate borrowing. This bill is tied into the package of a dozen or so bills included in the grand bargain It is a very uncontroversial bill, but was called to get the ball rolling. However, Republicans say they are still not there on all the bills, and need more time. 

Time, however, is something that is running out. The scheduled adjournment is May 31st, leaving lawmakers under three weeks to come up with an agreement on the reforms laid out in the grand bargain package, while trying to come to an agreement on next year's budget. This sense of urgency is what brought President Cullerton to bring the bill to a vote on the floor today.

"That's why there is an urgency to not just keep on going on with negotiations. We got to the point where its time to decide. We're ready, I got my caucus ready to vote some bills we don't want to vote for." he said. 

While Republicans are agreeing that the matter is urgent, they are saying there are still a few things that they need to work out. 

"I intend to continue to work on this. I hope that this isn't a sign of people pulling back and going a different direction, because I don't see another direction that ends up being successful. And we have 11 days left." said Senator Christine Radogno, Minority Leader. 

The two leaders met with Governor Rauner after session ended to discuss the budget. 

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