Design proposal for old YWCA block submitted to city

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND)- The design proposals for the North Mansion block where the YWCA once stood have been submitted to the city. 

In total, four companies are vying for the project. They include, Massie, Massie and Associates, North Mansion Y Block Development Group NFP, John Schafer and Associates Inc, and EMS Midwest LLC.

The city will now review the proposal and decide which company to go with.

"If those are met, and the criteria is met, and the economic development office does it's proper vetting and brings forth a good project for us. Hopefully we can get that on the board and go onto meet the deadline the mayor wanted to have us meet for next year, 2018, in conjunction with the bicentennial" said Alderman Herman Senor, who represents the 2nd ward, which includes the block.

Alderman Senor hopes that the process is handled quickly so the development can begin soon. 

"Hopefully everything is properly vetted and we get a good project and a good developer in there and we can move this thing forward and have a good project that will satisfy most of the needs and wants of the citizens in Springfield because you are never going to satisfy everybody." he said.

Massie, Massie and Associates did not fill out the proposal correctly, missing a notarized copy of the proposal. The city attorney will review the proposal to determine if it will be accepted.

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