Turbine deliveries starting this week in rural Macon County


MACON COUNTY, Ill. (WAND) - Rural Macon County is one step closer to seeing the Twin Forks Wind Farm and with construction starting  it could cause some delays for travelers.

The Macon County Highway Department says turbine deliveries are starting this week.

The turbines will be large and could be as wide as 18-feet. The highway department says the ability to pass will be limited in areas of the job site. Components will start to be trucked in to the laydown yard at School and Janvrin roads and then will be directed to the turbine sites in the field.

West School Rd and Bearsdale Rd will be the two main roads for deliveries going out to the sites for the first six weeks.

There is no exact time or duration that this will take place, however, there will be two rounds of trucks. The first round will come into the laydown yard around 4:00 PM and then go to the sites around 7:00AM the following morning. The second round will be coming to sites around 10:00 AM thru 2:00 PM

The department reminds that the roads will not be closed, however, the trucks will not be able to move to the side for traffic. These large components will be escorted by pilot cars, any traffic will need to wait for the components to pass or find an alternate route.

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