'FGS4S 50k Shoe Drive' in Decatur


DECATUR, Ill (WAND) - In the midst of the destruction in Haiti, the "FGS4S 50k Shoe Drive" aims to give 50,000 pairs of shoes to adults and children.

In Decatur, Jacob Jenkins is heading the initiative and told us how the residents in Decatur can make a difference in the lives of children as well as provide jobs. He hopes Decatur can raise 5,000 new and used shoes. 

Jenkins said, "what better way for women in Decatur to help other women who are overseas then to donate something simple as some good heels. Good heels can go long way in Haiti, because what it does it gives them an opportunity to run their own business from the resell aspect of it."

There are several drop off locations including the Township building located at 1620 S Taylorville Road in Decatur and Love Fellowship Church located at 1567 North Clinton Street in Decatur. Or call 217-791-4387.

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