200 mile march concludes at the Capitol

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - Hundreds gathered at the Old Capitol Building Tuesday morning to finish the last part of a 200-mile march.

The march started in Chicago on May 15th, and the last half mile was walked today from the Old Capitol Building to the current Capitol.

The purpose of the march was to make lawmakers aware of the "People and Planet First" budget. This budget would raise $23 billion dollars by closing corporate tax loopholes, passing a financial transaction tax on LaSalle Street trades, and enacting a graduated income tax.

With some of the money raised, the activists propose putting it towards universal healthcare, free tuition at public universities, and transitioning to green energy.

The marchers ranged in age from 18 to 91 years old and are from all around Illinois.

Many of the marchers and activists have a strong connection to the event and are ready to see change in the Capitol.

Kristi Sanford, the march organizer, held back tears as she said her mother's partner died five years ago uninsured, and she never wants to see someone die uninsured again. 

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