School funding reform bill headed to Governor Rauner's desk

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND)- Senate Bill 1 is headed to Governor Rauner's desk in hopes to fix school funding.

Superintendents from around the state gathered at the Capitol on the last day of session, May 31st, to voice their opinions on the school funding reform bill. They said they wanted the state to pay the school districts the 1.1 billion dollars that they are owed. 

Aside from superintendents pushing for the bill, Republicans were concerned about the amendment that Democrats added. This amendment would use the majority of the 705 million dollars in new funding and give it to Chicago Public Schools. Specifically, it would give CPS around 70-percent or 494 million dollars leaving around 211 million dollars to split between the rest of the Illinois school districts. 

Bloomington Senator Jason Barickman (R) called this amendment a bailout for Chicago and said it is not fair to the 1.6 million students that do not attend Chicago schools.

Despite Republicans concern, Senate Bill 1 passed the House with a 60-52 vote. After the win in the House, it went back to the Senate for concurrence and passed with a 35-22 vote. 

Senate Bill 1 now heads to Governor Rauner's desk.

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