Family restaurant to close after 9 years of success


DECATUR, Ill (WAND)- According to Stephanie Cooper, co-owner of the Main Hangar at Decatur Airport, the restaurant is more about family than anything. Her mother and father emigrated from Sicily in the late 70's to come to America and find success. 

After opening the All Star Diner and running it for 9 years and another restaurant in Taylorville for nearly two decades, the LaMonicas and Cooper's tackled a new venture at Decatur Airport and ran a successful restaurant along with Comedy and theme nights for 9 years. 

Stephanie and husband Chris Cooper, are going to miss the restaurant but decided being with their growing family was another important place for them now. Chris Cooper said, "it was really an incredible ride and it was so much fun and there was so much laughter and bonding moments for everybody."

The Cooper's lease ends in June and that is when their family will part ways with the Park District's property. For a list of more information and how you can experience authentic Italian cuisine follow the link. 

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