Illinois lawmaker makes plea in farm bill meeting

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DECATUR – An Illinois lawmaker talked about unity in pushing for a new farm bill.

Rep. Rodney Davis’ listening tour made a stop in Decatur Monday. The meeting gathered central Illinois farmers to talk about ideas for replacing the 2014 Farm Bill. That legislation targeted reforms to everything from crop insurance funding to conservation.

Monday’s session came days after 66-year-old Belleville man James Hodgkinson opened fire on Davis and other Republican lawmakers at a baseball practice. The shooting left House Majority Whip Steve Scalise with critical injuries.

"Let's stop with the heated rhetoric and hateful rhetoric on all sides,” Davis told WAND. “That’s something that I've tried to do since I got to Congress is to say take a step back and let's figure out where we can find that common ground and when we do we can come up with solutions."

Davis says farm bill efforts are just one example of politicians on both sides of the isle putting aside their differences to find answers. He says people should focus on that kind of unity instead of the division he sees in America today.

“We've got to come together as a country and settle our policy differences not with bullets on a baseball field but at the ballot box,” Davis said. “We as Americans and the majority have to stand up to the fringes who want to turn politics into their religion."

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