Man reacts to fireworks with shotgun

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Andrew Strahle, 29 Andrew Strahle, 29

MACON, Ill. (WAND) – A man is behind bars after police say he pointed a gun at a family.

Macon County deputies say 41-year-old Jason Largent, 37-year-old Allison Largent and 40 year old Diana Murray took two children to a school parking lot on Saturday night to shoot fireworks. Jason left his white truck to light one while the other four stayed inside.

Deputies say Andrew Strahle, 29, heard the boom from the firework and came out of his garage with a shotgun. He yelled something similar to “you almost got your head blown off” before pointing the weapon at all five people.

Largent quickly drove the group away and immediately called the sheriff’s office. Macon County deputies then tracked down Strahle and arrested him. They seized a pistol he had a concealed carry permit for and the same shotgun used in the alleged encounter.

Deputies say Strahle told them he confronted the Largent group because someone had previously tried to break into his girlfriend’s car and he wanted to keep his property safe. He then admitted to confronting the group with the gun, even after realizing they were only shooting fireworks. He told police he never left his property.

Strahle is now in the Macon County Jail on a $3,000 bond. 

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