Illinois Budget deal still up in the air

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill (WAND)- There is less than 48 hours for lawmakers to reach a budget compromise, but there are still no signs that will actually happen. 

The four leaders did meet again this afternoon to discuss reaching a compromise, and the leaders said it was productive. Speaker Madigan said they spoke of the reforms bills that were called for a vote on Wednesday. Madigan said Governor Rauner should sign the government consolidation bill that passed both chambers. But he was open to making changes to the pension reform bill that passed Wednesday. As well adjusting a four year property tax freeze bill that failed in the House. However, when it came to worker's compensation reform he indicated that bill needs to have real rate regulation for companies that sell the insurance. 

"He's brought all these issues before the legislature. I believe I've moved considerably to engage on all of these issues and I will continue to engage on all of these issues. I don't seem to think I'm being unreasonable. I'm here. I'm proposing to vote for things that I don't believe in. I don't believe the government should be in the business of reducing benefits for injured workers. That's not the right thing to do, but in the spirit of compromise, I'm prepared to vote for that." he said. 

As for Speaker Madigan's demands he laid out earlier this week, he said today that he believes the governor should sign SB1, the education funding reform bill, as is. But, Governor Rauner has said he would veto the bill in it's current form. So if both sides stand by their position this bill could possibly cause some problems in the negotiations. 

Some lawmakers have been saying that June 30th is not a real deadline, and they could push a budget deal until mid July. But Comptroller Susana Mendoza is warning lawmakers if no budget deal is reached, the consequences will be dire.

"If people don't understand that if they do not have a budget deal passed by June 30th at midnight then I have just been talking to a brick wall this entire time. I don't care if that is Democrats or Republicans. People need to act like adults and anyone who thinks that June 30th at midnight is not a real deadline is just insane. Guess who does think that's a real deadline? All of the credit agencies who are watching." she said. 

Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno (R-Lemont) sudden resignation is also cause for concern as the two sides try to scramble to get a budget deal reached. Leader Radogno says she is not resigning because of the budget impasse, and she is still hopeful that something can be done. 

"This will be resolved. Whether it is tomorrow night, and I'm still not giving up hope and I'm going to put every ounce of effort into it between now and when I walk out of this building or whether next week or next month I wish everyone involved, especially the people of Illinois success and that we can get back on track and become once again the great  state that we have the potential to be." she said.

Speaker Madigan said the $36.4 billion spending bill will be called for a vote early Friday morning, but it is still unknown if there will be Republican support to pass the spending plan. And no revenue bill, which will include tax hikes, has been presented by the House. 

The Senate has already passed a budget, so they must wait for any changes to the bills they passed, or new bills sent over by the House. 

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