Update on Taylorville food pantry project


TAYLORVILLE, Ill. (WAND)- Work continues on a new food pantry for the Taylorville Ministerial Association.

Organizers broke ground on the project in September. Project manager Wilbur Mills said Wednesday builders had finished the exterior walls in December and work inside began in February.

“Most of the work on the inside has all been volunteer,” Mills said. “The money’s all been donated.”

So far, crews have installed studs and a walk-in cooler, among other things. Mills said volunteers plan to add wall panels this week. He said the new building will be almost twice the size of the current pantry, which occupies an old bank building, and will be easier to use.

“We’re hoping that when we get deliveries, the truck backs in, drops it off, leaves and we can put it up anytime we want to,” Mills said.

Mills said he hopes the project will wrap up by September.  

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