Procession honors fallen trooper


MANSFIELD, Ill. (WAND)- A miles-long procession of police vehicles wound through Farmer City, Mansfield and Bellflower Thursday in honor of fallen state trooper Ryan Albin.

Albin died June 28 after a traffic crash on Interstate 74.

Flags lined the procession route, along with families, groups and individuals.

Lorri Yeoward watched with her granddaughter Addilynn.

“I hope she sees that people really care,” Yeoward said. “I’m just so touched by everything and how the community comes together.”

Before the procession began, Sharon Kerr watched from a car in Mansfield. She reflected on Albin’s loss.

“It scares me because my son and daughter-in-law do this everyday, and it’s good to know that people appreciate that,” Kerr said.

Nearby, John Thomas waited in his truck.

“I served … in the Navy, and our firemen and policemen serve us in a different way,” Thomas said. “They’re still serving our country, and they still deserve our support.”

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