Tech Go camp raising interest in robotics, automation

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DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - Middle school students from multiple districts around central Illinois will gather at Richland Community College to learn about opportunities in robotics and automation.

RCC officials say the "Tech Go" camp is being held from July 17 through July 20.  The camp was also available from July 10 through July 13.  Participants will be able to complete a variety of projects that uses critical thinking skills in the fields of math, science, robotics, engineering, and automation.

Previous Tech Go programs saw students build robots that reacted and followed pathways by way of automated sensors, as well as creating jewelry with LED lighting.  Two participants of the Tech Go 2016 program even won a national Sandvik Coromant competition, with their manufacturing designs being displayed during the International Manufacturing Technology Show last September.

RCC Director of Adult Education Jeff Davison says, "Richland Community College values the type of synergy that this camp creates - the instructors stimulate the students’ imaginations and help foster creativity in a blending of science, technology and art."

For more information on programs held at Richland Community College, click here.

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