CU Fresh Start surveying neighborhoods affected by gun violence

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND) - An initiative that aims to reduce gun-related incidents in Champaign-Urbana will soon start a door-to-door survey in neighborhoods that have recently experienced gun violence.

The survey is being hosted by the CU Fresh Start Initiative, and will be conducted from July 15 through August 12.  Researchers will travel door-to-door to talk with residents about their experiences and perceptions, in an effort to find a more effective way to combat gun violence.  Researchers will wear visible identification cards, and will be dressed in t-shirts with "Survey Research Team" on the front.

CU Fresh Start Project Specialist Vivian Gray says, "Because cooperation with the police and public trust in law enforcement are critical ingredients in public safety, we need input from the residents living in these affected neighborhoods to learn how we can strengthen or rebuild that trust and put an end to senseless gun violence."

We have included a map and a chart describing where the researchers will be during the survey.  For more information about CU Fresh Start, click here.

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