Dead dog discovery prompts Kincaid arrest


KINCAID, Ill. (WAND) – Police arrested a man Thursday after discovering two dead dogs in his yard.

Virgil Easley allegedly kept the animals restrained outside without access to food or water. Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettlekamp told WAND-TV the dogs had log chains around their necks instead of collars. He says the yard didn’t have many shade options for the animals in the summer heat.

Kettlekamp says he could tell the dogs had gone without anything to eat or drink for several days. Easley told police he deals with a disability every day, a problem that made caring for the animals a challenge. People nearby last saw the dogs alive on Wednesday. 

He faces a pending misdemeanor charge for animal cruelty. 

Kincaid officers released Easley from jail Thursday after booking him. He has a notice to appear in court at an undisclosed date. 

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