Yingying's family raises reward to $50k

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND): An emotional plea from Yingying's family at a press conference Friday morning.

The family delivered a statement which Yingying's boyfriend said in English followed by her father who said it in Chinese.

"Yingying is our pride and joy," Yingying's boyfriend says. "She is smart, hard-working, brave, and kind."

Yingying's been missing for five weeks but the family is holding out hope that she is alive.

"Maybe members of the community think well, 'an arrest was made we can kind of check that one of the list'," John Hecker, President of Champaign County Crime Stoppers, says. "No, no, no. The thrust now is to find Yingying and that is of paramount concern."

The family is working with Crime Stoppers to offer a $50,000 dollar reward for information leading to Yingying. That money comes in part from the Go Fund Me account the community created to support the family during their stay in America.

"It may be a minute item but if someone has even the smallest thought that it might be helpful, please, please call that in," Hecker says.

You can tip anonymously to Crime Stoppers and still be eligible for the reward money.

The family says they aren't leaving until Yingying is found.

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