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SPRINGFIELD, Ill (WAND)- An Indiana man is on a mission to help out those in need in all 50 states. 

Darrell Gilmore is spending his first year of retirement, stopping at Habitat for Humanities in every state and lending them a helping hand. 

"I retired last year, I've been volunteering for Habitat for Humanity for anywhere from 1 to 10 days a year for 30 years and I knew when I retired I was going to volunteer more and I quite enjoy doing it. I have actually lost weight." said Gilmore. 

While he is not the first to volunteer in all fifty states, he will be the first to do so in just one year. Volunteering in each state, gives him a chance to see the needs of the specific community. 

"The mission is the same, but the execution can be very different. The needs in terms of housing can be very different across the country as broad and diverse as United States and as broad and diverse as the world. I have volunteered in other countries as well." he said. 

Gilmore chose to the Sangamon County Habitat for Humanity for his stop in Illinois, his 30th state. 

"The attraction was he though we would have the right amount of work for him and we were right in his path." said Colleen Stone, Executive Director for Sangamon County Habitat for Humanity. 

There is a lot of work for Gilmore to here, Stone adds. 

"What we really needed were some shelving that we could put our wood supplies on for our wheelchair ramp program and so he has been busy working on that all by himself, he designed it, he's going to put it together, it's awesome." said Stone. 

"This week I am largely working on some ramps, wheelchair ramps that will largely help people stay in their homes. You know making sure people have good quality housing that's affordable."  said Gilmore. 

Along the way, Gilmore makes sure to stop at one unique tourist attraction, and hit up a local golf course. While visiting the Land of Lincoln, Gilmore went to see Lincoln's Tomb at Oak Ridge Cemetery. 

The next stop for Gilmore is Kansas City, Missouri.

He will be ending his year long mission around Thanksgiving in the Southwest.

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