Decatur Celebration changes could cost


DECATUR, Ill (WAND)- For 32 years the Decatur Celebration has been a free festival. In the past few years wristbands have been sold to help increase revenue to continue the celebration. This year, a mandatory admission fee will be in place and it coincides with a fencing plan.

The Decatur City council will vote on Monday, to allow the fence to block off the perimeter of the celebration for that weekend. One councilman is already saying he won't be voting yes to the proposal.

Pat McDaniel says, "I  get they need funding but I think that it creates barriers not only for potential attendees to the celebration but also it hurts the retailers downtown who decide to stay open."

Director of the Celebration, Lori Sturgill says, "look at what we can book because we are doing that. This is the future of the Celebration guys, if we all chip in our 5 dollars, our 8 dollars look at the type of party we will be able to have."

The charge is $5.00 for a wristband in advance and $8.00 during the Celebration weekend. 

The city will vote on Monday for the fencing proposal. 

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