Historic Lincoln area right outside of Decatur

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DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – It’s located right off the Lincoln Trail Memorial Parkway, just off of Route 36.

The Lincoln Trail Homestead State Park, is a little gem just west of Decatur.

Historians say this was the first home-place of Abraham Lincoln in Illinois. He lived in a small cabin in the area for about a year. Where the cabin used to stand there is now a memorial.

Thomas Hanks, a direct descendent of Mary Hanks (Mary Hanks Lincoln), says the area is a big historic landmark in Lincoln’s life and the Lincoln Trail Homestead State Park needs more recognition because it is a piece of history.

The Friends of Lincoln Trail Homestead State Park work to restore, recognize and preserve the historical site. However, funding doesn’t come easy. They’ve had to rely on grants and donations in order to keep the park maintained.

So far the group has worked on the landscaping, improving facilities and habitat restoration. However, this is still much more that needs to be done and renovated.

If you are interested in going to the park or helping to preserve this historic site you can head over to the Friends of Lincoln Trail Homestead State Park for more information.  

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