Corn and Sunflowers in Urbana Garden

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URBANA, Ill. (WAND): A nursing student's garden in Urbana is the talk of the town.

Roxanne Sawhill's front lawn on Vine Street could be out of a story book. She grows more than 30 different types of vegetables and several different flowers and herbs.

"I knew I always wanted a vegetable garden and I just started with two 4x4 plots, raised beds," Sawhill says. "It's gotten bigger every year. I don't want to have any lawn, I'm just going to make it a big garden."

She says community response has been very positive. 

"People seem to love it," Sawhill says. "People driving by will yell out their window that they love it. People stop by when they're walking ya know to the farmers market, or whatever, and they'll ask me questions or what different plants are and stuff."

Sawhill says the garden has become a part time job. She says she spends about 15 hours a week working on it. Roxanne says it's exciting and rewarding to grow your own produce.

If you'd like to see more from her garden you can check out her Instagram account, @SandySawmill.

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