Urbana offices having limited phone service

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URBANA, Ill. (WAND) - City of Urbana officials say limited phone service that started on July 14 is still preventing certain departments from receiving phone calls.

Officials say the outage prevents offices from receiving calls, and is affecting the City Clerk, Community Development, Finance Department, Fire Department, Legal Division, Mayor's Office, and Police Department.  However, the city has set up non-emergency lines for individuals needing to call police, the fire department, or the finance department.  The numbers have been included below:

Police: (217) 384-2320
Fire: (217) 384-2420
Finance: (217) 384-2346

Individuals who are experiencing an emergency should still call 911, which remains fully operational.  Additionally, residents can visit the affected offices during regular business hours to conduct business with the appropriate office.

The outage was caused when a number of cables were accidentally drilled through during a street light installation.  Crews have been working to restore service since Sunday.

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