Smith all in on Crouch at Big Ten Media Day


CHICAGO -- There will be no competition for the starting quarterback spot when Illinois begins training camp July 31st in Champaign.
"Chayce Crouch will be our quarterback," Smith said during his opening statement at Big Ten Media Day Monday.

Smith is all in on Crouch, calling him the unquestioned leader of the football team.

Crouch and the Illini offense hope to get a boost from wide receiver Mike Dudek, who Smith says is as fast and strong as he was before missing the last two seasons with ACL injuries.

"Mike has had a chance to rehab," Smith said. "He's 100 percent. We'll watch what he does a little bit in practice, but he's good to go."

SHG alum Malik Turner was one of three Illini players in attendance Monday. He says the Media Days experience has been one he'll never forget. Click the video above to hear from Turner!

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