Lincoln resident recognized for constant good deeds


LINCOLN, Ill. (WAND) - A Lincoln resident became the talk of the town after a simple random act of kindness.

It all started when Joe Whitham was riding down the street on his motorcycle when he saw W.D. and Dorothy Johnson cleaning their windows. Whitham says everyone knows the elderly couple because W. D. sits on his porch everyday and waves at people driving by.

Whitham says when he drove by the iconic house, Dorothy was on a ladder cleaning.

"She is in her 90s and doesn't need to be up on a ladder, so I went down, circled around in the CEFCU parking lot, came back, and told her to get off the ladder, and I would do it," said Whitham.  

That is when a neighbor across the street snapped a picture of Joe helping W. D. clean the front porch window. The neighbor posted the picture to Facebook, and it now has over 400 shares and around 100 comments.

The people in the community of Lincoln are commenting that they are happy to see something positive on their timelines.

"I don't do it to get anything from people. I just see people needing help and I help," said Whitham. 

Whitham said he loves helping his community in any way he can. Even though Joe did not want the recognition, WAND-TV wanted to give it to him anyway by naming him our very first recipient of the Spirit of Central Illinois award.

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