Urbana Library Celebrates Harry Potter's Birthday

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URBANA, Ill. (WAND): A magical birthday is being celebrated today.

Harry Potter fans threw a party for the Boy Who Lived at the Urbana Free Library. That's right, the famous wizard was born on July 31st, 1980.

The library invited people of all ages to dress up as their favorite character and come get sorted into a house. They played Harry Potter trivia and made Hogwarts student ID cards.

The library says events like this keep the 20 year old series alive for the next generation.

"Today IS Harry Potter's birthday so we thought we'd celebrate by making some snitches and having a party and dressing up," Lynn Harmon, the event coordinator, says. "It's promoting a book which we love and there's a lot of kids that are very excited about Harry Potter and it brings a lot of people to the library."

Page Harris, a mother of three, dressed up alongside her kids. She says these kind of events keep the magic alive.

"We are huge fans of the Harry Potter books," Harris says. "It's become a family tradition to read all of the books. And any excuse to dress up - we love it!"

Harry Potter would be 37 years old today.

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