Haircut makes a big difference

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DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - A Blue Mound boy has grown his hair out for nearly four years, but not just because he likes long hair.

9-year-old Kameron Marksberry says he has grown his hair out since he was about five years old, and it started because he just wanted to try long hair. However, about two years after starting the growth, his mom said his plans for his hair changed. 

Felicia Marksberry, Kameron's mother, says, " We were watching to TV one night and we saw a St. Jude's commercial and they had no hair. And he started asking questions and I said how some people donate their hair and they make wigs out of it, and they give it to the kids who have lost their hair. And his face just lit up, and he said 'that's what I'm going to do, I'm going to donate my hair.'"

During the process of growing out his hair, Kameron says he would get bullied at school. He said people would call him a girl and make fun of his long hair. However, that did not stop this young boy from continuing what he was determined to do.

After about four years of growing his hair, Kameron decided it was getting a little hot and that it was time to get it cut. Him and his family went to Lockhart's Barber College, tied his hair in ponytails, and started snipping. In about 30 minutes, Kameron had four ponytails of hair in a bag ready to send to someone who needed his hair more than he did.

When we asked how he felt after the haircut, Kameron said, "I feel good, and I hope whoever gets my hair is happy and I hope it changes their life."

Kameron's courage and selflessness deserved some recognition, which is why WAND News awarded him the Spirit of Central Illinois Award.

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