Governor: Signed bill to streamline spending, save money

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Photo courtesy of Gov. Bruce Rauner's office Photo courtesy of Gov. Bruce Rauner's office

CHICAGO (WAND) – A newly signed bill will look to streamline spending in Illinois.

On Wednesday, Gov. Bruce Rauner signed Senate Bill 8 with the hope the move will cut down on red tape for businesses, universities and other groups, saving taxpayers money in the process. A release from the governor’s office says the bipartisan bill will make spending “efficient and transparent”

“Reforming the procurement process allows more flexibility for vendors,” said Gov. Rauner. “Removing red tape will make it easier for small and midsize businesses to bid on state contracts. This is a win for our government agencies, for universities, for businesses and, most importantly, for taxpayers.”

The bill cuts down on administrative delays for public universities in Illinois, and allows Illinois and smaller governments in the state to create joint purchasing agreements. The governor’s office says the move should also save taxpayer money because it ups purchasing power.

“This reform is an important reminder that government can work smarter and more efficiently while still protecting taxpayer interests,” said Illinois Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Todd Maisch. “Thousands of Illinois businesses will view this reform as a step forward for Illinois.”

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