'Respect' earns Clinton man fire chief job

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Photo courtesy of Clinton Fire Department Photo courtesy of Clinton Fire Department

CLINTON, Ill. (WAND) – The city of Clinton has named a new fire chief.

Jeff Hoke has served in the Clinton Fire Department for about 15 years, according to Clinton Commissioner of Public Health and Safety Dan Ballenger. He says Hoke was chosen because of his experience and likability.

Ballenger called Hoke a good “people person” and says the firefighters who work under him respect him, making him a strong choice for the position. In his mid-40s, Hoke has management experience with Evergreen FS Inc.

In addition to Hoke, Clinton leaders named Steven Page as assistant fire chief. Ballenger says Page, a man in his 20s, has potential in the long term to follow Hoke as chief.

Clinton spent the last two years working with interim fire chiefs. Ballenger says he wants Hoke to be a long-term answer. 

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