Employers preview tax filing system

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DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – Illinois employers will soon have access to a new tax filing system.

A preview opportunity happened Thursday for MyTax Illinois at a Lunch and Learn event put on by the Greater Decatur Chamber of Commerce. The idea is to streamline tax filing for employers and individual people. On Thursday, employers got an up-close look.

 The Chamber says MyTax will help people file over 200 taxes and fees. The program will businesses file unemployment insurance monthly wage reports, quarterly insurance reports, and the contribution payment process.

“We have about 30 percent of the 385,000 (people) that are online on the old systems and it’s gone done a lot over the last several years,” said Jeff Mays of the Illinois Department of Employment Security. “They are old systems and they’re not user-friendly. So every employer, whether they’ve been on TaxNet, which is our system, or not, are going to have a much better employer experience.”

The Chamber says the upgraded MyTax system will make it easier for businesses to register with the Illinois government, save time with electronic filing, keep track of the timing of filings online, and view IDES documents when they need to electronically. 

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