Pritzker picks Representative Juliana Stratton as running mate

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CHICAGO, Ill (WAND)- JB Pritzker, Democratic candidate for governor announced Thursday, Representative Juliana Stratton, D-Chicago, would be his running mate. 

“Juliana Stratton is one of our state’s fiercest leaders, and I couldn’t be prouder to have her standing with me in this campaign and as our next lieutenant governor. Tackling the many challenges that face our state won’t be easy, but Juliana doesn’t back down from a tough fight. Juliana has the passion, commitment, and grit to defeat Bruce Rauner and get things done for the people of Illinois as our next lieutenant governor.” said JB Pritzker. 

“I am so excited be a part of this campaign and to move our state forward with JB Pritzker as our next governor. I haven’t been in Springfield for very long, but I’ve been there long enough to know that Bruce Rauner is not providing the leadership we need. As governor, JB will bring people together, listen to the wisdom in our communities, and most importantly get results. Together, we’re going to get Illinois back on track.” ” said Rep. Juliana Stratton.

After the announcement, the Illinois GOP quickly released a statement tying Representative Stratton to Speaker Michael Madigan.

"Juliana Stratton owes her political career to Mike Madigan. Stratton took millions from Madigan-backed groups to win a state house seat and had Mike Madigan’s top political operative run her campaign. J.B. Pritzker is making it clear that he will allow the governor's office to be annexed over to Speaker Madigan.”  said Illinois Republican Party Spokesman Steven Yaffe.

However, Representative Stratton and Pritzker deny that claim. 

"Both of us have worked as independent progressive democrats for a long time. Working to put Springfield back on the side of working families  that is really what we are here to do. We've got to beat Bruce Rauner and take him out of the office because frankly he has created crisis after crisis." said Pritzker. 

"I stand on my own record from the work that I have been doing throughout my entire career." said Rep. Stratton. 

Pritzker is the second candidate to announce his running mate, early this week Tio Hardiman announced Patricia Avery has his running mate. There are 8 candidates in the Democratic primary. 

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