Illinois Made, Illinois Proud: Fuyao Glass

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DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - Several years ago, one Macon County glass plant nearly shut its doors for good.  One company, however, stepped in, saving the plant and many local jobs.

In 2014, Fuyao Glass purchased the old PPG plant in Decatur.  Two years and a more than $200 million investment later, Fuyao Glass installed state-of-the-art equipment from across the globe, and brought in hundreds of new employees, including those who worked at the PPG plant.  

The investment in the plant resulted in more than four times the number of jobs available when the plant was sold, and the addition of an additional production line.

Currently, the Fuyao Glass plant manufactures approximately 1,200 tons of glass per day, which is shipped to vehicle manufacturers across the country.

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