Illinois State Fair rides pass inspection

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - All rides at the Illinois State Fair have passed their initial inspections.

While the Twilight Parade kicked off the Illinois State Fair Thursday evening, one of the most popular aspects of the annual fair are the rides.  Many wondered if the rides would be as popular as they normally are, in light of the recent Ohio State Fair tragedy, which saw one person killed and several others injured after a ride malfunction.

WAND News asked fairgoers what their thoughts were about the Illinois State Fair's rides.

Sherri Butler says, "I'm always a little leery of the rides.  I don't understand the inspection process, so I am always a little leery.  They have been here for years so I am sure that they are probably safe, but having heard about the ride, the tragedy...that just happened in Ohio.  I am a little  nervous, but my kids will still ride though."

Natu Visinia says, "It's unfortunate that it happened.  It's definitely a scary thing to let your kids go on those rides, but just like getting in your car everyday you're taking the risk getting on that road.  But fair season kids look forward to it so I am willing to take that chance."

The rides not only passed the initial inspection, but also will receive additional inspections from the Illinois Department of Labor throughout the Illinois State Fair.

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