Champaign Will Increase Recycling Bins for Move In Week

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND): The university of Illinois will soon be full of students for the fall semester.

City officials are hoping to reduce the amount of garbage that comes with the move-in week. The City of Champaign and the "Feed the Thing" initiative will be putting out cardboard dumpsters.

They'll be spread throughout "campus town" for excess cardboard that comes with move-in items. The dumpsters are aimed at students who live in apartments, condos, and fraternity and sororities. 

"I think when students are moving in they have a lot of things that come in big cardboard boxes," Nicole Millage, the Environmental Sustainability Specialist with the City of Champaign, says. "So this helps out not only the students but the property managers, you know, gives them an extra place to put stuff and get it out of the way."

If students have items like furniture or clothes they don't know what to do with, they're encouraged to call local agencies like goodwill to donate.

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