Nonprofit begins interior work for family home

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SANGAMON COUNTY, Ill. (WAND) – A nonprofit business is renovating yet another house.

The Sangamon County Habitat for Humanity is busy working on helping its 107th family move in to the Enos Park area of Springfield. Landscaping and demolishing work began Thursday night on the building’s interior, with the help of volunteers from KEB Accounting.

Habitat claimed the house as a donation. The family it’s working to help is ready to move in soon.

"Charlene works at Memorial Hospital so she is talking about walking to work and she is very excited about that,” said Habitat for Humanity’s Colleen Stone. “The kids are excited to have their own rooms that they can decorate. You know it's one thing coming from an apartment where you really can't choose what you’re doing and the kids are just excited and Enos Park is excited to have yet another home renovated and have a homeowner live in it which is of course their mission.”

Habitat wants to have the home finished by October 2017.

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