APL cashes in on State Fair

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill (WAND)- Restaurants, bars, hotels all see a boost in business during the Illinois State Fair, but one local non-profit cashes in as well. 

The Animal Protective League sits on Taintor Road, right across the street from gates 5 and 6 making them a prime area to park cars. Since their location was an old campground, the extra space allows them to fit a large number of cars. At $5 a day, the ten-day fair is fundraising jackpot.

"We park hundreds of cars everyday, probably a thousand cars every day and it's five dollars to park. All of our money goes to help out shelter, to help out the sick and injured animals that we take in. So the money we raise helps us sort of stay afloat and save more lives." said Sarah Moore, APL's Spay and Neuter Clinic Manager. 

The shelter will raise thousands of dollars each year during the fair, all of which they put directly back into helping the neediest of animals.

"We take in about 2,200 animals every year, this summer we will take in almost a thousand kittens. Many of them are sick and injured so the money goes straight to helping those little guys." said Moore.

While the parking is a fundraising boost for APL, their close location to the state fair also brings in foot traffic, and helps animals find their forever homes. 

"We still do a lot of adoptions, people will come in to get out of the heat and just check things out and I think certainly it leads to a few extra animals getting adopted every summer." 

The 2017 state fair is starting out strong for the shelter, saying they made almost double what they normally do on opening night. They hope the rest of the fair follows suit, so they can help even more sick animals in the area.

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