Buy the Block: The Dream Center


DECATUR, Ill (WAND)- Taking an old vacant building and revitalizing it into a 'Dream Center' for the youth in Decatur. 

That is the dream of Jacob Jenkins. He said, "we want to be a little bit of a safety net and we want to give them some skills so they can go ahead and encourage and empower youth."

This location on the corner of Maffit and Wood streets in Decatur could turn into a place where children ages 8-18 have a place to come to after school, summer breaks, at night all to learn a multitude of skills.

Branding and Marketing for the Dream Center campaign, Crystal Cleere said, "listening centers, studios, computer rooms anything that we don't have access to, these kids could learn STEM and code those things we need."

To help the campaign as it begins its "Fund the Dream" month follow the link.  You can also reach the campaign spearheads at 

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