Baby Talk receives donation from Air Choice One


DECATUR, Ill (WAND) - BabyTalk received a $1,000 check courtesy of Air Choice One, Monday afternoon. 

The donation was determined by the companies Facebook poll which listed various charities in town, and BabyTalk won by a landslide.

President and CEO of Air Choice One, Shane Storz said, "Air Choice One is in the service of others and this is what we are about so we truly mean your community is our community. So we are about coming in and helping the local in need whether it's charities or whatever the group's might be that's what we are all about."

BabyTalk, Executive Director, Shauna Ejeh said, "we will use it for local programming so we are going to use it to support some of the staff that we are bringing back. We have some programs like our alternative high school foundations, and our preschool classroom opens this week. So we have to get ready and get geared up for that. "

For more information on BabyTalk follow the link. 

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