Shelbyville students watch eclipse


SHELBYVILLE, Ill. (WAND)- Students in the Shelbyville School District watched the solar eclipse during a series of planned events Monday.

At Main Street School, teachers led special lessons about the eclipse and about safe viewing before students headed outside to watch the event through special eye protection.

“Obviously, our number one priority is safety,” said principal Ryan Scott. “The second one is … exposing them to as many learning experiences as possible, and this is a great one, a natural one to take advantage of.”

Scott said students who chose not to watch the eclipse or those whose families did not want them to watch it stayed indoors and watched the eclipse as it was broadcast.

Along with lessons about the movements of the earth, moon and sun, staff also gave students special snacks: Capri Sun and Moon Pies.

“When they’re having fun, they remember things,” said teacher Theresa Clark. “I hope they just remember it forever.”

Several students yelled out as they watched the sun grow smaller.

“It’s shrinking!” yelled one.

“That is so cool!” yelled another.

Classes at Main Street School watched the eclipse in shifts, one grade at a time.

Some school districts pledged to keep all students indoors during the eclipse and instead to have classes watch them through a NASA live-stream.

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