Warrensburg boy goes above what is asked of him

WARRENSBURG, Ill. (WAND) - A 10-year-old boy was asked to do a simple task during the Corn Festival, but he went far beyond what was asked of him.

Brycen Stock became part of the festival's staff after helping clean up garbage cans.

Tim Hoffman, a festival committee member says, "It first started out as a favor. 'Will you go check out the trash cans in the park?' He took command of that role and he went with it. He took control of that role. He took command of making sure the festival was clean and making sure the trash cans were clean as well."

Brycen's mother Janice simply says, "It's just the small stuff. He made a big impact on something small." 

His family says they are proud that he took such a small role and made it his responsibility for the entire weekend. He was asked to check the garbage on Friday, and Saturday morning, Brycen's parents say he woke up and immediately said, "I need to get up and go to work."

Brycan said he did it to avoid sitting home and being bored, and so he could help his community. He says, "I could help out my community, and a lot of times when I came by a lot of garbage cans were full and sometimes some of the garbage can bags were knocked over and stuff."

Jim Stock, Brycen's father, was proud of his son saying, "I think it's a great thing for him, but I was under the understanding that he was just doing it for the free food and drinks, so he said if they were going to give him any kind of money he was going to give it back. He said he was fine with just the free drink and free food."

After all of Brycen's hardwork, WAND decided to give award him this week's Spirit of Central Illinois award.

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