Gov. Rauner signs TRUST Act

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CHICAGO, Ill. (WAND) - Legislation that prevents Illinois law enforcement agencies from detaining undocumented immigrants without a warrant has been signed into state law.

Governor Bruce Rauner signed Senate Bill 31, also known as the TRUST Act, on Monday.  Under the TRUST Act, law enforcement are prohibited from stopping, arresting, searching, detaining, or continuing to detain individuals based solely on immigration status without a warrant.  Additionally, the bill reinforces a ruling from the Northern District of Illinois federal court that found that immigration detainer orders from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement are illegal.

The legislation has its fair share of opponents, who claim that it turns Illinois into a sanctuary state.  However, others applaud the move, stating the bill makes Illinois safer for all residents.

State Representative Chris Welch (D) says, "Immigrants in our community should not have to feel unsafe when they go to work or take their children to school.  This legislation will ensure that proper legal procedures are being followed and provide piece of mind to members of our community."

Governor Rauner says the Act will help law enforcement focus on stopping violent crime.

"Illinois has been welcoming of immigrants for a long time, and this bill will continue that tradition.  It also makes clear that stopping violent crime will be law enforcement’s mission rather than working on federal prerogatives that a federal court has found illegal," said Governor Rauner.

Law enforcement agencies, including the Illinois State Police, and immigration groups have shown support for the TRUST Act.

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