Decatur students tour Farm Progress Show


DECATUR, Ill. (WAND)- More than 600 sixth grade students from the Decatur district toured the 2017 Farm Progress Show Thursday.

The tour, which was funded by the Howard Buffett Foundation, was meant to introduce students to agriculture and potential careers.

"It's just all these experiences that they can see and have an opportunity to express themselves in the working world ... as they're trying to decide what they want to do," said teacher Brooke Taylor from Durfee School.

One student, named Jakhovia, pointed out the resemblance between a steam tractor and TV's Thomas the Tank Engine.

Another student, named Madison, was excited to see equipment manufactured by Caterpillar and climbed into one.

"I like how Caterpillar builds the big machines," Madison said. "I like how they're huge, and it's cool on the inside."

Students took a survey about agriculture before and after their time at the Farm Progress Show to see how the experience changed their knowledge and perception of agriculture.

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